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About Us

Xpose Beauty, located in Alberta, Canada is a worldwide supplier of 100% real weft human hair, clip-in hair extensions, beauty supplies and related products. Our dedicated Hair Extension Bars, currently located in Calgary, offers all the latest & advance hair extensions techniques applied by well trained professional Extensionists.

Through our retail location and online shopping experience, we provide products to the general public, stylists, and people all around the world. We carry a wide range of different hair types, attachment methods, colours, and lengths, from diverse sources around the world.

No matter what hair type you have, we can help you find the perfect product. No matter what your requirements are or what look you have in mind, Xpose Beauty will help you find the perfect solution for your hair type. Whether you’re looking for weft hair for weave extensions, I & U-tip hair for fusion, micro-ring strand by strand methods, tape-in weft, tools or DIY hair extensions products and care, we have what you need.

We strive to keep up with the latest developments and trends in our industry and only bring to you the best solutions and related products. We believe every woman, no matter what your age or background deserves to look your very best. Hair is every woman crowning glory and woman of all ages deserve to have beautiful healthy hair. There are so many companies out there offering products to women with little care for the individual person, they only care about the sale and this is one of many reasons that separates Xpose Beauty from our competition.

Our mission from the start has always been about bringing the highest quality and affordable hair extensions products to women from all backgrounds while providing a wide product range, the most cutting-edge attachment techniques for our salon clients and most important of all, great customer service.

We can’t wait for you to see how passionate we are about beauty!


Our Background

Our dedication to the hair extensions industry is truly unmatched. We believe hair extension is an art that has to be master by those who truly love it, are dedicated to helping anyone who is experiencing hair issues find the very best solutions and have the passion for creativity and growth.

Our history goes back over 20yrs ago from our owner Mrs Patti Gold whose love of hair extensions started at a very young age watching two of her aunts who own and run their hair salons in her country of birth, Ghana in West Africa create intricate designs and methods for beautiful woman who wanted to express themselves through different hair extensions styles and Techniques.

I have grown up around hair my whole life ,whether it was being around my aunts hair salons or my numerous cousins who are also hairdressers or the beauty of watching the fast-moving hands of those amazing African woman braiding the most beautiful different styles of braids and corn braids, either way, i was influenced at a very early age.

When I first came to Canada, I notice a major hole in this amazing industry and with the love for what I do, I wanted to open a shop that is dedicated to women who have hair issues that goes beyond traditional hair salons.
I search for salons and shops that are dedicated to serving clients who were looking to enhance their hair with extensions and could not find one that was truly dedicated to the art of hair extensions or My Vision of what a dedicated hair extensions salon should look like. There was no specialize hair extensions salons that cater to women of all backgrounds in the market and that there were women out there who weren’t being serviced in a way they should. I have been on a mission since then to create specialize Hair Extensions salons that is dedicated to women of all ages and backgrounds who have hair issues that goes beyond conventional traditional salon.
After enrolling in all the available programs I could find in my field, It became even clear to me the major shortage in qualify hair extensions stylist and therefore Started my business in 1998 and in 2006 open my very first flagship shop in Calgary Alberta Canada.

Doing hair extensions is my passions and I think anyone who has spent time in my chair will tell you this. My early vocational schooling as hair extensions stylist in Ghana was very special because not only did i master methods and Techniques which will take a lifetime for most people to acquire but I learn many aspects of how to succeed in this industry one of which is to always care and make the health of your clients hair your #1 priority something which I have come to understand not everyone doing hair extensions these days get and being a perfectionist. One of the many important traits I carry with me throughout my entire career as a hair extensions stylist. Ask any of my clients and they will assure you, as they say, Patti will not let you leave the chair until she knows your hair is done right to perfection.

When customers come to our shop, we want them to know their hair is our #1 priority. Often times when a customer comes to us with hair extensions that have been done badly somewhere, we can’t wait to correct whatever the issue might be so this person can feel confident again about their hair but also about hair extensions in general. Hair is very important to every woman and we are here to help all woman from all backgrounds feel confident about their hair and overall appearance of their hair.

Continue learning is extremely crucial in this industry and no matter how much you think you know, there is always room to learn more.
I have traveled to the states where I learn and master the Hair Replacement systems for women who are experiencing hair loss due to issues like genetic factors, trichotillomania or hormonal changes due to pregnancy or life issues. I continue to learn new tricks every day in order to better help and service my clients. My love and passion for acquiring the best for my clients have taken me all the way to China, the USA including New York, Los Angeles and Toronto and as well as traveling back to Ghana to continue to master the most healthy and advance her extensions techniques there is out there!!