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Cray For Grey

We’ve all seen her somewhere – walking down the street, in line at the coffee shop, or maybe a cute selfie she posted on instagram. She’s that beautiful girl, with the killer outfit, the flawless lipstick, and of course, that beautiful. GREY. HAIR.

Whether it’s a long, silky weave, or a thick head of box braids…whether it’s got tints of pink and purple or is all one shade….grey and silver hair is in! This trend was actually started by Kelly Osbourne, who was rocking it as early as 2011 ( It wasn’t long before it was spotted on other celebs including Rihanna and Lady Gaga. It’s now 2015 – the silver and grey trend is stronger than ever, and we have just one thing to say: We’re in LOVE.

So forgive us for the pun of the title of this post – but, yes, it’s official: We’re cray for gray 🙂

Check out these silver and grey styles we are loving now.

If you’ve already jumped on this trend, feel free to share a selfie(@teamgorgeoushair), or if you haven’t and are still as in love with this colour as we are, post a picture that inspires you! 🙂


Talk soon,
Xpose Beauties