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Xpose Beauty Bar (#XBB) is Calgary’s best hair extension salon offering a new kind of hair extensions experience for anyone who loves beautiful hair. Offering the most safe and healthy application techniques that growths and bring your own natural hair back to it healthy state, We are unlike any hair extensions service you will ever experience.  #XBB caters to all hair extensions lovers looking for the most luxurious and qualified salon with world class hair extensions service. Whether you are looking to add length, volume, colour or a Replacement System, our beauty bar is the perfect stop for all your hair enhancement & extension needs.

With Eight gorgeous signature packages including,

You will walk out of #XBB with the hair you have always dreamt about. Our experienced extensionists are well trained, hand picked and are available to you 6 days a week.

Call or email us to schedule your free complimentary consultation today.

We carry a beautiful selections and assortment of 100% Remy & Human hair extensions in many lengths and colours and we will expertly matched you for colour, length, and texture.. Purchase 100% Human Hair on-site.

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The Instant Glam

Instantly match my colour – Complimentary Service

Allow one of our #XBB experts help you pick out your perfect Clip-In Set! In this consultation, we will match your colour with your desired length and fullness. We carry a beautiful selection and assortment of clip-in hair extensions in many lengths and colours and we will expertly matched you for colour, length, and texture.

Instant Blend & Style Me Clip-In Installation Service $75

Blend and Style Me Clip-in Installation includes care education of your newly purchased Clip-In Hair Extensions set and a custom cut to blend your extensions into your hair. We finish your look with a simple style. We can’t wait to see you soon!

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Easiweft Technology™

Easiweft technology

EASIWEFT Hair Extensions- The Preservation of natural healthy hair, allowing your natural hair to growth back safely to it formal glory.

Why Easiweft

Created by Mrs Patti Gold to service the ever changing and growing needs of her diverse clientele, it’s 100% SAFE and HEALTHY for even the most Fragile hair types. Easiweft Technique is the method everyone have been waiting for because it is FAST, DAMAGE-FREE, WEIGHTLESS, INVISIBLE to the eye, UNDETECTABLE to touch, COMFORTABLE and healthy for all hair types allowing us to create the most eye catching hair transformation resulting in a double dose of gorgeousness while maintaining the integrity of the clients natural hair. Each installation can last up to 6 months with proper care and maintenance.

Book your Free Consultation appt. and one of our hair extensions expert will meet with you to discuss what length, colour, thickness and result you hope to achieve. We have Over 24 colours available for your hair matching consultations and 3 different textures to choose from. Straight, Wavy and curly. Now in 20 to 24″ Lengths and 140g of thick hair top to bottom, our ethically sources 100% Virgin Remy hair will transform your hair from Basic to Breathtaking in a short time. BE GORGEOUS WITH EASIWEFT™.



EXTENTRESS Hair Extensions exclusively use Indian Temple Hair & Cambodian Virgin Hair that is 100% Remi Ethical source & Traceable. We personally oversee what we buy and how it is processed in our facilities in India and Cambodia thus ensuring that only the highest quality product is brought to our Hair shops and Salons.

Our Exclusive sourcing, our knowledge in this industry dealing with many hair qualities and understanding of what a good quality human hair feels and behalves like enable us to provide the finest quality Remi hair extensions in the world with our Extentress collection. 100% Premium Luxury Remi human Hair Extensions! Our exclusive hair range is amazing to touch, silky smooth, blend well with all textures, high in quality and design with a newly develop Technology, her name is EXTENTRESS!

Easiweft Technology™ Certified Salon Application

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 NBW Rows Extensions™ – Certified Salon Application


What Is NBW Rows Extensions™ ?

The starting of this Technique began while our founder and Creator Mrs Patti Gold was looking for natural hair extensions technique that could work on her clients who have excessive hair loss or extremely thin fine hair. Like all the techniques created by Patti, she spend years perfecting and has seen so many clients benefit and have healthy hair growth using this technique. The technique is done with NO BRAID, NO GLUE & NO HOT TOOLS. It’s Well HEDDEN and DAMGE FREE, PROMOTE HEALTHY HAIR GROWTH and can stay in thin/fine hair for up to 8months

The number one issue which we see with clients who experience hair loss or have super thin natural hair wearing normal extensions is, Damge, Slippage and Hard to blend Extensions. This meant most clients had a hard time wearing and keeping extensions in their hair and tend to get really damage hair while wearing hair extensions because with slippage comes pulling and breakage.

If the extensions can’t stay in the hair then it will fall off and often times, when extensions fall out of the hair without being properly remove, it can mean, the clients natural hair fall of with it and if you’re someone who is already experiencing hair loss or thinning hair then, you’re loosing more hair which is therefore damaging and then no growth.

The extensions are not getting the chance to naturally grow out of your hair, it is being pull out of the clients hair by force, this always cause damage. So while it looks like the extensions hair looks good, your natural hair underneath is being damage more and more. This is one of the reason why many people, when not wearing well suited extensions eventually take them out and realize their natural hair is in worse shape than when they first started.

This should not happen to you while wearing extensions! Proper technique should help your natural hair grow even more so when you remove the extensions, your hair should looks better than before!

There is no extensions salon in this country you can go to that can guarantee the kind of growth our clients experience while wearing our hair extensions techniques. Patti’s mission has always been about the health of the clients hair and with extensions, we  want to grow our clients hair to a point where extensions become a choice for them not a necessity! We want you to love hair extensions because it is so good for your hair!

NBW Rows Extensions™Certified Salon Application

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I Hair Extensions

Hello Gorgeous Beauties

Micro-Link/Keratin Tip Application

Micro I-Tip hair extensions
18 inch=$575
20 inch=$625
22 inch=$675
24 inch=$725

Fusion hair extensions
18 inch=$575
20 inch=$625
22 inch=$675
24 inch=$725

Tighten Up




Get up to 32” inches of gorgeous thick hair in less than 1.5 hours.


BRAID SEW-IN WEAVE- $75/Row and Up


TAPE-IN APPLICATION- $500 Up to $900

depends on length and how much hair client needs.

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Get the celebrity look with our Full lace and U-Party sew in application.

Each piece is custom created by our master Wig creators to suit the individuality of each client.

Phone:403-457-2511 to Book a free complimentary consultation!

We will sit with you and create the best suitable Full Lace for your individual style.

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Gorgeous Bride

We know having that perfect hairstyle on your perfect day is important to you. Every bride wants gorgeous wedding-day hair, let us help you get the hair of your dreams using one of our safe and damage free techniques. Extensions are a must have for every Gorgeous Bride, and we know how to make your hair fuller, longer, and more gorgeous wedding hair.

Choose our Instant Glam clip-In hair extensions service, or one of our more permanent application techniques. Phone us at any of our #XBB for your free complementary bridal hair extensions consultation today.

P.S, we love to pamper our brides to be!

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Gorgeous Secret™ Replacement

Our range of revolutionary hair replacement techniques are created especially for woman who are experiencing hair thinning or hair loss. Whether it alopecia, trichotillosis or hormonal changes causing you to experience any form of hair loss, we can help you find the best solution for you.

Our concept works on all hair types, all levels of hair loss and, like every aspect of our organization, the technique is suitable for woman of all ages and backgrounds!

This is a must see and we recommend all our clients with hair loss issues to call our main telephone number at Tel:403-457-2511 to schedule a free complementary consultation where we are able to sit with you and discuss which of our revolutionary concepts will be more suitable for you particular situation.

Hair is every woman crowning glory and woman of all ages deserve to have beautiful healthy hair. There are so many companies out there offering products to women who care little for the individual person, they only care about the sale and this is one of the reasons that separates Xpose Beauty from our competition.  Come to a place that truly cares about you and your hair; allow us to help you get back your self confidence and femininity!

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Our hair replacement service is a customized salon service which requires a consultation. Please phone the salon to book your complimentary consultation appointment. 

Calgary: Ph:403-457-2511

Why Knot Braids



Braids are beautiful and can be worn for a long period of time, a technique that has existed for thousands of years. It is safe, healthy and can be worn by all hair types.

Call for your free consultation and price estimate!

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