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Hello and Welcome  to XPOSE BEAUTY Premium 100% Damage-Free Hair Extensions & Hair Replacement Salon.

We’re dedicated to bringing you the very best Extensions experience and making sure the health of your natural hair is our #1 Priority while wearing your extensions.



Our hair extensions application methods are created base on the most difficult hair issues most modern woman experiences in todays society including Fine hair, Hair thinning and Hairloss which is why our Techniques are very different from other kinds out there on the market today because most of the hair extensions methods used in other salons are just simply generalize for lengthen hair only.





Consultation is require on all permanent hair extensions application to determine the absolute best result with your extensions when you leave the salon.

this is where we are able to determine the right application  method, the Proper Colour choice, the appropriate amount of hair needed to create the correct volume and the require length needed to create the best possible result for your hair. There is No One Size fit all when doing extensions therefore it is important to see you to discussed your personalized needs.

During the Consult, one of our professional Hair Extensions Stylist will go over everything and answer all questions or any concerns you may have. You are then able to see different colours swatches and be able to see the hair that will be used to create your dream hair.  



On going education is a major part of our success and what allow us to innovate and bring new creativity to Xpose Beauty daily.

Right from the beginning, it has always been our goal to bring new standards to this industry which did not exist. We wanted to change the way woman wears and see hair extensions and most importantly create techniques for hair types that were in the past consider to be too damaged, too fine or too thin to be fitted hair extensions on which is why  

We have spend over 20years of combine research and practice on the techniques done at Xpose Beauty to be the masters of our craft so we can understand the In and Outs of every technique we apply in your hair, making sure we apply the most damage free applications techniques that helps restore your natural hair back to healthy lengths. 



One question we get frequently is, Will Extensions Damage my hair?

What is important to understand when it come to the health of any extensions application, is you have to be sure the person doing the extensions have the knowledge, the proper training and education in the technique being done for you. This will ensure you will get the best results possible.

Be sure to ask about the choice of techniques being used to apply your extensions making sure it’s the the right fit for your hair and lifestyle.

We love healthy hair and we want your hair getting better while wearing your extensions, this is why we’re masters in what we do so to prevent damage.