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So, You Want To Try Clip-Ins?

A Go-To Guide for Clip In Virgins

As you know, Xpose Beauty specializes in the most healthiest methods of permanent hair extensions. But, as much as we love all these methods, it will never change this simple fact:  We. Love. Clip Ins!

Clip Ins are a great option for those of you beauties who love versatility. You have the freedom to clip them in each morning and out each night, or you can just use them when you want to add a little oomph for special occasions. Either way, we are huge fans.

Here are Xpose’s quick tips on how to make your Clip Ins work best for you!

1.START WITH AN AWESOME COLOUR MATCH – Whether they are clip ins or permanent extensions, the first step to having a flawless look is to have a great colour match. Pick a colour that truly matches your hair. When matching the colour in person, pay attention to the colour that is on the tip of your hair. That is the colour that will fall onto your extensions, and the better you can get the tips to match the extensions, the more naturally the extensions will fall into your hair.

Xpose Tip: If your hair has a few different tones, look for hair extensions that are mixed colours. A good place to start is to look at the dominant colour that is in your hair, and then find a mixed colour that picks up on that dominant tone. When matching colours in person, remember that the way hair looks in the package is sometimes different from the way it looks against your own hair, so sometimes a colour that looks like it won’t match can pleasantly surprise you.

2. GET THE RIGHT AMOUNT OF HAIR – Clip in extensions come in many different lengths and grams, and it can sometimes be overwhelming when you’re trying to figure out exactly what to get. No fear! There are two factors to consider her.  In general, everyone has a minimal amount of hair they “need” in order to make the extensions blend in naturally with their hair type and hair cut. Beyond this, it really is a preference as to how thick you want your hair to be in your final look.

When it comes to figuring out the minimal amount of hair you “need”, the general rules of thumb are as follows: (1) The shorter your hair is, the more extensions you will “need” to fill in your hair so that it blends more seamlessly. The longer your hair is, the less hair you “need” in order to make it blend seamlessly. Similarly, the more blunt your haircut is, the more extensions you will need to fill it in so that your final look can be blended more seamlessly. If you do not have a blunt hair cut, and your hair already naturally has a lot of layers( for example, it thins out slightly at the bottom), the less hair you will need to make it blend seamlessly.

Xpose Tip: Remember, at the end of the day, you will get to know what works best for your hair, and you will never know what your ideal amount of hair (both in terms of weight and length) until you wear them. These are our basic guidelines to help point you in the right direction.

3. CLIP THEM IN RIGHT – Clip the first piece in near the base of your head and work your way up, (towards your face) as your hair will allow without showing the clips. You will figure out where it is best to clip the extensions in for your hair style.  Take some time to experiment. If you don’t like where you’ve clipped them in, just unclip them and try it again. This is one of our favourite things about clips ins. You literally can’t go wrong!

Xpose Tip: If you have thin or very silky hair, you can back comb it and spray it with a bit of hairspray where you’re going to place the clips. This will give your hair a little extra texture for the clips to hold on it, and will therefore keep you from having any oopsies, or slippage during the day.

4. TIME TO STYLE – Finally, the fun part! As long as they are human hair, you can style your clip ins as you would your normal hair. Straighten them, curl them, and remember to have fun! You can always adjust the placement of the clips according to your hairstyle for the day.

Xpose Tip: If you’re having any trouble blending, throw a few curls and waves into your hair. Clip Ins can still look awesome when they’re straight, but natural waves and curls are a quick and easy way to help them blend and look even more natural in your hair.

K! Now that you know more about Clip Ins…

In no particular order, here are our top three favourite brands:

1. Bold-X. 100% Remy Human Hair. 8 pieces, 140 grams, 20 inches long. Most clip in extensions come in 100 gram packages, so some ladies find that they have to buy two packs to have enough fullness in their hair. Bold-X is 140 grams, and a great thickness, and comes in a length that works for most people. We also love this hairs high quality!

2. Extentress. 100% Remy Human Hair. 9 pieces, 220 grams, 24 inches long. Super thick, long, and luscious, these are great to help you get that glamorous va va room factor. Because it so much hair in one package, it’s so easy to blend! And because it’s so long, if you are someone who likes to curl their extensions a lot, you can maintain your beautiful curls while still having a lot of length.

3. Eve 3 piece Clip Ins. 100% Remy Human Hair, 3 pieces, 50 grams, 18 inches long. We’ve nick named this the “half pack” because it’s a great amount of hair for those what just want a little more volume and length, especially if you don’t feel you need the full 140 or 220 grams. They are also great for adding a peek a boo pop of colour, and great for people who don’t want too many pieces in their hair. And because their 18 inches long, they’re also a great place to start for those who are new to extensions.

Still Need Help? 

Leave it to us!

Xpose nows offers an Instant Blend & Style Me Clip In Installation service.

This service includes:

  • Colour Match – We help you find the perfect colour for your hair for a beautiful, seamless blending.
  • Installation and Tutorial – We install the clip-ins for you and teach you how to install them so that you know how to do them on your own.
  • Cut/Blend – We trim the extensions to your exact desired shape and length, as well as add layers to the extension to match the layers of your natural hair. This helps your extensions to look even more natural.
  • Style – Whether you want it sleek and straight, sexy waves or bouncy curls, we will style your hair so that you leave feeling and looking flawless. This is also great for special occasions!
  • A Care Sheet – Detailed information on how to care for your extensions, as well as a list of tips, tricks, and style hacks for you to get best out of your clip ins.

So there you have it – our best tips for getting started with your Clip In extensions. We’re excited for you!

We hope you found this helpful, and we can’t wait to see you beauties rocking your clip ins! Post a selfie on Instagram and use the hashtag #xposebeauty to show us how you’re wearing your gorgeous locks! See you soon!


Xpose Beauty Team <3